EST. 2017
When you think you have found a nice gym set, there is usually a "too good to be true" catch. The set could be fashionable - but you attempt a run and the leggings fall down, the bra could be stunning - but provide little to no support, a set could be supportive and fashionable - but the price tag is just unreasonable. 
 SCULPT activewear does exactly what it says - our clothing is designed to fit tight to your body to sculpt your best possible shape. We aim to create a revolution that merges fashion trends with supportive fitness apparel. 
 Our leggings are super high waisted yet every pair have a a lace to tie at the waist for that extra support. Rest assured, our leggings will not be falling down while you work out!
A fitted sports bra has been proven to have performance-enhancing benefits. This is why SCULPT sports bra's are extra supportive - and with removable padding it is left to your personal preference how you chose to wear it. 
 Everything at SCULPT has been designed with the consideration of what is already out there - and what is not. We aim to stay on trend, stay fashionable, stay supportive, stay affordable and stay comfortable. 
Whilst we hope you love the collection, any feedback is more than appreciated! Feel free to get in touch through the contact us page with any queries, questions or comments on our range. Thank you!
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